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  Deliveries, at-home kits becoming valuable options for retail bakeries

  Meeting customers in person may be difficult to impossible for retail bakers during this time of social distancing and COVID-19, but there are other ways to stay in touch


Leveraging social media is one, says Arlene Kobos, senior vice president and general manager – Central Plains region for Dawn Foods.

 “Now is not the time to retreat,” she says. “Use your platforms for more than updating customers on changed hours or business plans. You can inspire, engage and give people a much-needed break from the steady stream of serious news. Post product pics, ideas for baking at home or how your business is supporting local efforts such as donating to food banks or shelters.”


Daily or weekly videos on topics like cake decorating are possible, she adds.


“The key is to be creative and post more than ever to keep your business top of mind,” Kobos says.


Offering delivery within a certain radius may keep sales coming in. Let customers know you have online ordering or you work with apps that deliver, she says.


“From Deliveroo to Just Eat, be sure to be a part of the foodservice ecosystem that people are turning to now,” she says.


Consider kits for baking at home where customers may buy donuts, cinnamon rolls or muffins by the dozen that they can take home and bake themselves. Kits for decorating cookies with icings and sprinkles are possible, too.


“These are fun ideas for homebound families looking for something to do, and it keeps revenue coming in,” Kobos says.

Bakers could scale back on more complex recipes and decorating and instead stick to staples that sell well and remind customers of traditional comfort.

 “You will keep your costs lower and appeal to a broader audience,” Kobos says.



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آیا حضور بخش خصوصی در بازار خرید گندم 1400 پررنگ‌تر می‌شود؟!/ خرید تضمینی گندم تا کی ادامه دارد؟!

عضو هیات مدیره و معاون برنامه‌ریزی شرکت بازرگانی دولتی ایران گفت: اجرای قانون آزادسازی در صنعت آرد و نان ضروری است اما در شرایط فعلی باتوجه به سایه تحریم بر کشورمان، چنین تصمیماتی به لحاظ سیاسی و اجتماعی دشوار و حساس است. باید در مسیری قرار بگیریم که فشار روی دولت را به مردم انتقال ندهیم، دولت باید در صنعت آرد و نان کمترین مداخله را داشته باشد منتها نان مردم در شرایطی آرام و مطمئن تامین شود.

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استاندارد دستگاه‌های پخت نان رها شده است در گفت‌وگو با غلات نیوز مطرح شد؛
جهش تولید فقط با حمایت میسر می‌شود در گفت‌وگو با غلات نیوز مطرح شد:
حمل آرد بزرگترین چالش ما مدیرعامل کارخانه آرد اتحاد مطرح کرد:
وقتی کاهش نمک هم مشکل نانوایان را حل نمی‌کند! در گفت‌وگو با غلات نیوز مطرح شد:
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